Greetings Fellow Adventurer!


If you are now reading this, then you have successfully passed through the gate of Horizon.

For the tribe you have
quested in search of is here,
in all directions!

You may have travelled
near or far along your path,
and encountered
any number of obstacles,
but here you are now
and right on time!

For some,
the path to find this tribe
may unfold upon the hot
and ever-shifting dunes of Egypt.

For others,
it is through the wild
and roaring rainforests
of the Amazon...

...the towering mountains
of the Himalayas...

...or the lively streets
of San Francisco.

No matter
what the region though,
for each seeker that has passed
the trials and gate of Horizon,
they will find that
the members of this tribe
consist of everyone.

And that their village
is everywhere.

And so…

The Open World Tribe,
are a band of adventurers
led by our hearts
and gathered together
to celebrate the oneness
of all life.

Through various forms of music,
art, and community service,
we seek to be a beacon
of light and love to create
a movement of harmonious relations
between all.

So if you,
dear seeker,
accept and agree
then welcome to
the Open World Tribe!

The Great Gathering has Begun!

For more and more seekers are journeying to and through Horizon's Gate than ever before. Our paths are merging, our light is growing, and each member of this tribe is celebrating this movement in their own way.

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